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He ends up working at the library while Rocko, Cal and Gimpy manage to get large amounts of money without trying.Gimpy finds his Risk board and invites the rest of the clique around for a game.Rocko drags Nitz around town all night and then destroys the travel clock that Gimpy found for Nitz.Nitz receives a credit card from his parents but goes over his limit so must get a job.It has since been shown on Comedy Central in the United States, Teletoon in Canada, and Trouble in the United Kingdom. The show depicts what might be a typical first-year college experience.The show was conceived by Pete Williams, when he dropped out of college at the age of 19. Characters in the show represent stereotypical college types; including the everyman (Nitz), the "frat boy" (Rocko), the "ladies' man" (Cal), the nerd (Gimpy), the cool girl (Jessie), and the "ditz" (Kimmy).

They were also quick to say that one of the biggest hurdles even if they were to get the permission to make more content would be the cost.In a blog post on December 18, 2008, Williams stated that Teletoon had passed on a second season.Williams added that he had pitched them an entirely new animated concept entitled We Got Issues, in which he would reintroduce characters from Undergrads. Williams also expressed interest in "producing some kind of UG comic book or webisodes in lieu of a second season", and had been in talks with Decode Entertainment about the proposal. Fans have shown their support by posting fond memories of the show as well as "Bring Back Undergrads" videos, which are planned to be used for a viral campaign to spark interest in the continuation of the show.Nitz's friends forget about his birthday so he decides to start hanging out with Jessie and her friends.At the same time at Tekerson Tech, Gimpy has lost command of his band of minions and must fight Number One for control.

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